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My name is Kevin Roche. I started in the Trucking Industry at the age of 16 as a helper, and worked my way into my own business. I started out moving Furniture for Mayflower Van Lines. I later worked for Allied Van Lines and then United Van Lines. I switched from moving furniture to hauling cars four years later. 

All of my experience has given me a good understanding of the issues involved in moving individuals and families. My goal in creating www.AllAboutAutoTransport.Com is to simplify and eliminate constant problems that have plagued the auto transport industry for the last 30 years or more. I have tried to do this by making the transporting experience less complicated and easier to access

Hopefully, my experience will help save you time, frustration, and even a little money! This Website was designed with the latest technology. I would like to thank all of the following people for their support:Pat & Michelle Howlett, Cassidi Peterson, and Bill McCarthy, and ALL the people at   10 Pound Gorilla  located in Fraser, Colorado and Dave Nespoli, Silver Salmon who coded the site with DotNET Technology. I recommend these good people to for all of your internet and website needs.

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